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Choosing a Business Name

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Business NameChoosing a name for your business is a creative and enjoyable process. It is also one that you need to get right.

If you visit Business Link there is great advice about choosing a name.

Here are three considerations:

Is it catchy?

Try to think of a name that is easy to remember, some ‘catchy’ names include Nu-type, AssistU, etc. My advice is to ask your family and friends about your choice to get a different perspective on your name choice.

In addition it should also be easy to spell, say and write.

Does it reflect the business you are in and the type of person you are?

Advice that I ignored was to actually put my service in my name e.g. Chris’s Virtual Assistance. I went for Help on Tap and then chose for my domain name.

Decide what image you would like to project and whether your advertising, documentation, and stationery will be effective with this name as its ‘banner’.

Is it legal?

It is important that the name you choose is not unlawful and does not contain certain words and descriptions that are restricted.

If you are based in the UK there are restrictions named under the Business Names Act 1985 including such names as English, Group, Trust, Royal, etc. You will need to check these out.

You must also ensure the name you have chosen doesn’t already exist.

Here’s a fun name generating tool that may give you name ideas You need to add some keywords that describe your business and it will generate some suggestions. Some will be unusable but may give you part of your business name.

Good Luck with choosing your name.

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