Blogging/Website Design

I am going to be focussing on the blogging software WordPress. WordPress has moved on from just being used for blogs. Many themes have been created for WordPress. There are themes that can be used for websites and even for e-commerce websites.

There are over 1000 themes on the WordPress website and if you do a search in a search engine such as Google you will find tons more including:

I have created a number of WordPress sites including my business site Help on Tap and this site which uses a theme purchased from Brian Gardner.

I have also created WordPress sites for clients. This is definitely a sought after skill.

There has also been a large number of plugins developed to work with WordPress. I don’t believe that you should put a large number of plugins on your WordPress site but the ones you should have are listed in the post 8 Must Do’s for a Successful WordPress Blog

Once you have set up a site you can start blogging. Try to pick a subject that interests you and one that you can start to incorporate affiliate products onto.

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