“Without properly kept accounts it is impossible to maintain truth in its pristine purity” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Every business needs to keep a track of their accounts. I, as well as a majority of business owners don’t enjoy this task.

It takes business owners away from what they enjoy doing. Saying that, it’s essential. I have performed bookkeeping for a couple of clients. I find it’s OK if you have total control over the accounts but if someone else is keeping records as well it can be difficult.

It is possible to log all transactions in Excel. If you are raising a lot of invoices manually then that’s when software is needed to speed up the process.

A simple accounting package like QuickBooks will do the job.

In QuickBooks you can raise an invoice simply and just with the press of a button email that invoice to a client. You can customise invoices easily and add a company logo. Performing a bank reconciliation is also simple in QuickBooks. You enter a starting figure, any bank interest and select the transactions for that month. It will then show you an ending balance.

I have used QuickBooks SimpleStart for a client. I was able to work remotely with the aid of remote access tools and update her QuickBooks copy. This meant that she could also raise invoices and add customer information in when she had the time.

QuickBooks SimpleStart is extremely cheap. It is possible to upgrade to a package with more features and migrate all the data over.

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