The Skills Needed to Become a Virtual Assistant

This post will outline the skills a Virtual Assistant will require. It will also discuss the types of work I have performed for my clients.

To become a VA you will need to have a good knowledge of Microsoft Word, at the very least. You should also be willing to learn new skills so you can offer more specialised services.

You can learn a lot from other VAs and I gained so much from It is definitely worth joining as there is a free membership and around 13,000 VA members. If you experience software problems the VAs are always willing to help out if they can.

Obviously, the more skills you have the more work a client will be able to give you.

The types of tasks that I have performed as a VA have been extremely varied and have included:

  • Producing business forms
  • Copy typing
  • Typing up flip charts
  • Audio Transcription
  • Database (Excel) cleansing
  • Inputting into Excel Spreadsheets
  • Laminating business forms
  • Creating course documentation
  • Producing PDFs
  • Proofreading websites
  • Joining documents together into PDFs
  • Creating certificates for courses
  • Inputting of expenditure
  • Quickbooks inputting
  • WordPress blog set up
  • Website design and creation
  • Form creation using Adobe Acrobat
  • Formatting and rewording technical CVs
  • Producing interview support documents
  • Taking notes in interviews
  • The above list requires a lot of skills. You don’t have to have all these skills. You can start off by just offering admin or typing services.

    It is recommended that you should have at least 5 years admin or secretarial experience.

    If you look closely at the list above, you can see that there are quite a few services that I have provided that don’t require specialised skills.

    Good communication skills are a great bonus. You will need to go to networking events in order to build up relationships and being able to communicate effectively will help you to obtain more work.

    The next post will discuss the equipment that a Virtual Assistant will need.

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