What Equipment Does a Virtual Assistant Need?

Dell LaptopIf you read my previous post you should know whether you have the necessary skills to become a Virtual Assistant. The next step is to ensure you have the equipment to perform the job. I suggest you only buy software and equipment as you need them.

I started out with just a laptop and broadband internet connection.

This is the minimum that you require. It is your personal choice whether you decide to use a PC or a laptop.


I decided to buy a good printer soon after I started and I decided on an all-in-one printer. It is a printer/scanner/photocopier/fax and is great for printing photos. Unfortunately this printer is no longer for sale.

You can buy a really good printer for less than $100. Check out Amazon for some great Printer Bargains

During my time as a Virtual Assistant I have never had to send or receive faxes. So what are the options if you have to:

An Electronic Fax

Electronic faxes allow you to send and receive faxes via your PC or mobile.

Fax Machine

You can buy a stand alone fax or a fax integrated into a phone or printer. If you only have one phone line then your phone would be engaged when your fax is being used. You can have a separate line for a fax which you will have to pay for. Check out the Fax Machines on Amazon


It is advisable to shred your clients’ confidential business documents and I consider a shredder a must for your business.

Check out the Shredders on Amazon.

Software Packages

Some VAs may only use basic software such as Microsoft Office to perform their tasks.

If you can’t afford Microsoft Office a free alternative is Open Office. There will be a learning curve getting to grips with the software. There is the ability to save the documents into a Word format.

The next post will look at what rates you should charge.

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